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How Do I Launch a Great Quality,
Sustainable & Success-Ready Podcast?

  • Step-by-step launch guide
  • Quick, easy editing process
  • Setup your podcast host platform
  • Export & publish your episode
  • Time-saving recording tactics
  • How to plan in less time
  • Record Skype interviews
  • Make money from your show
  • Free live coaching – ask anything!
  • 1st Quarter promo strategy
  • List in iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify…
  • Use our custom Launch Task Tool
  • Plan & name a show for success
  • Formats, length & frequency…
  • Simple, value equipment setups
  • Sell services or products


Annual Member

  • EVERY course, beginner to expert
  • community support & motivation
  • in-depth eBooks & guides to download
  • tailored tools to cut time & stress
  • Royalty-free music & sound FX library
  • checklists & SOPs to save you time
  • Live-Chat Support & Coaching
  • Launch, Grow & Start Monetising

$195 yearly


How Can I Grow my Biggest Audience?

Key Course
30 Days of Podcast Promotion

Key Aim
Grow Your Biggest Possible Audience

30 promotion tactics, in one course. Sure-fire ways to boost your growth, and reach the biggest audience for your niche.

Each ‘tactic' includes a lightning quick video, text summary and solid, actionable tasks.

Follow this course over 6 weeks, 1 task per day, to completely transform your growth. Or, spread over your next 6 months for sustainable, focussed, effective audience building.

30 Days of Audience Growth - Square

How Do I Record Great Quality Audio or Interviews?

Recording audio for podcasters

Access full courses & guides on this & more:

  • High quality, but Simple, Gear Setups
  • Skype/Online Call Recording Software
  • Skype/Online Call Equipment Setup
  • Record direct into Audacity/Audition
  • Set up a Great Recording Environment
  • Record Easy, Live In-Person Interviews
  • Record 3 or 4 person roundtables
  • Audio interface or mixer workflows

How Do I Edit & Produce Crystal Clear Audio?

  • Learn both Audacity & Adobe Audition
  • Get rid of unwanted background noise
  • Impress with music & sound effects
  • Work with many recordings in multitrack
  • Get your volumes right for easy listening
  • Master limiting & compression like a pro
  • Make your voice sound great through EQ
  • Demistify the export: format to bit rate.
editing and production for podcasters


Jackie Brambles

“Despite my 30 years of experience in programme-making, Colin’s insight into what makes a podcast compelling is invaluable…I honestly wouldn’t make a podcast without them and I’d strongly suggest, neither should you!”

Jackie Brambles | Broadstance Media.

“As someone who literally had no idea how to go about starting a podcast I am so glad I found Colin! If you want to concentrate on creating great content for your show, then get The Podcast Host to worry about everything else!”

Julie Christie | Tea Break Tog

Richard Brown

“I only have great things to say about The Podcast Host. Not only in the quality of their production, but their knowledge around technology, equipment & advice in podcasting.”

Richard Brown | The Property Voice

“Colin is the man when it comes to helping you launch a podcast or improving your skills. The online courses were invaluable and his advice along the way superb.”

Andrew Hart | Financial Advisor


“My experience with ThePodCastHost made my podcast launch possible. I overcame a lot of my fears early on. I highly recommend The PodCast Host to anyone. I owe The PodCast Host a tremendous debt of gratitude.”

Arjay | Financial Advisor

Simon Allison

“My colleagues and I went into the world of podcasting knowing nothing. However with Colin & his team's support, it turned a really legal podcast into something fresh and exciting. We would recommend them to anyone.”

Simon Allison | Blackadders Solicitors LLP.

Use Your Personalised Launch Calendar to take the Procrastination & Pain out of Starting Your Show

Launch Calendar screenshot

Key Tool
The Academy Launch Diary/Calendar

Key Result
A Personal, Fool-Proof Task Calendar

Use our custom built tool to create your own personal launch calendar. It'll describe every single step you need to take, tutorials on each one, and a deadline for completion.

Your Launch Calendar will keep you on-track, coach you through and get you moving.

Or, spread over your next 6 months for sustainable, focussed, effective audience building.

What is it...?

from the founder, Colin Gray

What Do I Get in the Podcast Host Academy?

We've been teaching Podcasters how to launch, grow & earn a living since 2011. The Academy contains a wealth of teaching & coaching to transfer all of that knowledge & experience right to you, saving months of stress and dead-ends.

Actionable Courses

These remove the guesswork & save you days, showing you exactly what to do and how to do it.

Time Saving Checklists

From Skype interviews to quick & easy editing, our checklists will shorten & perfect every task.

Stress Saving Tools

Our Launch calendar is the flagship, creating a fool-proof, personalised, motivating guide to get launched.

Free Music & SFX

You'll get access to our music and SFX library – free voices, stings, transitions to really add polish to your show!

Big eBook Library

Go deep on a range of topics with our eBook library, from audience growth to business podcasting.

Live Coaching & Support

Join our fortnightly live-chat support hours so you can get personal help from our team.

Can I ask Questions or Get Some Personal Support?

The Academy is designed to be totally self-service, but everyone has questions from time to time! Here's how to get help:

Community Forum

To start we have our community forum, containing 100s of dedicated, knowledgeable fellow podcasters, all ready & willing to share experience.

Live Chat Coaching & Support

Free for members, access Colin, Matthew & the team through fortnightly live chat support hours. Join the chatroom & get your Qs answered!

What is the Podcast Host Academy?

The Academy is a place to learn the entire art and business of Podcasting. We have: 1. courses to help you grow, launch & monetise, 2. tools to guide & motivate you, 3. checklists to makes things quick and easy once you're going, and 4. personal support through community, live chat & masterminds.

Annual Member

  • EVERY course, beginner to expert
  • community support & motivation
  • in-depth eBooks & guides to download
  • tailored tools to cut time & stress
  • Royalty-free music & sound FX library
  • checklists & SOPs to save you time
  •  Live-Chat Support & Coaching
  • Launch, Grow & Start Monetising

$195 yearly

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